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WiN Europe at the IAEA

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altIn June this year, WiN Europe was officially recognized as an NGO by the IAEA. This recognition allowed us to participation to the 55th General Conference that took place between the 19th and the 23rd of September in Vienna.

Thus, we participated to our first general conference; we made a presentation in front of others NGOs and participated to a luncheon with WiN IAEA to present WiN Europe.

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Fem’Energia Award 2011

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The first award for a young professional working in Europe was given to Julie Krskova from Czech republic. She is 30 years old. She is safety supervisor during fuel manipulation at NPP Dukovany. This year she starts a PhD studies.

WiN France 2011 General Assembly

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After WiN Normandy in 2010 in La Hague, the WiN France 2011 general assembly was organized in Marcoule by WiN Languedoc-Roussillon-Vallée du Rhône.

More than 70 members attended the meeting and participated to the technical tour in the afternoon. We were welcomed by M. Christian Bonnet who is the head of the CEA Marcoule centre. On this Centre one may find among others:

  • CEA research laboratories devoted to the fuel cycle,
  • The Melox Areva facility which delivers the MOX fuel,
  • Activities linked to the dismantling of old facilites such has graphite rectors, hot cells, ...  

WiN Europe partners with Careers International on the recruitment event: Energy Excellence

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Energy Excellence is the most exclusive international Recruitment Event in the fields of nuclear, oil & gas for final year students, graduates and early-career professionals. Following the successful experience of the past two years, the event will take place in Brussels on 2-3 December 2011 with the official support of the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) Association and other key nuclear associations like WIN Europe.

Major European nuclear, oil & gas industry players will participate in the Event in order to meet and interview 200 pre-selected students, graduates and young professionals coming from all over Europe.

During this invitation-only and free of charge event, candidates will have face-to-face interviews with top international recruiters. Additionally, they will be able to attend workshops on industry related topics run by the best experts in the field.

As a partner WIN actively cooperates for this Event. For more information on the participating companies and to apply, please visit the website:

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WiN Europe workshop at the World Engineers’ Convention

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On the 7th of September, Dominique Mouillot, president of WiN Europe was invited by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO-FMOI) Women in Engineering steering committee to make a presentation of WiN Europe and especially the Fem’Energia Awards in a special session « Interactive Workshop on « Attraction, Retention and Higher Management in Energy ».

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WiN Global makes presentations at the World Nuclear University Summer Institute

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This summer, WiN Europe was invited by WNU to make a presentation of WiN Global and WiN Europe to the WNU Summer Institute held on 9 July-20 August 2011 at the University of Oxford's Christ Church College. Sophie Prévot, WiN Europe General Secretary, gave an overview of WiN Global (History, events, activities) as well as presented WiN Europe. It was a great opportunity to promote WiN to young professional working in the nuclear sector from all over the world.

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WiN Sweden and Germany Seminar in Malmö and Barsebäck NPP

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This year's seminar continued the tradition of meetings between Swedish and German WiNners which has already started in April 2009 in Stockholm: on that time, nearly 15 employees from both Vattenfall Sweden and Germany met for the first time...

Last year, WiN Germany arranged the seminar hosted by VENE and invited WiNners from Sweden and Germany to Hamburg in order to exchange knowledge and experience particularly in the fields of education and mentorship.

This time the seminar took place on September 5th and 6th in Malmö at the E.ON Headquarter followed by a visit to Barsebäck NPP. 35 WiNners followed the invitation...



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If you want to see what is happening on the site, you may find on the website of the operator TEPCO ( among other information, such as the planning of the operations which are going on along with the one which are foreseen, a photo gallery and videos such as:

pictured on September 11, 2011  pictured on September 9, 2011

 A view of dust sampling at the upper part of the Reactor Building of Unit 1 at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

 Fukushima Daiichi NPS, Construction of steel erection for cover of reactor building completed

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The situation in Fukushima is moving day after day.

On site where technical difficulties appear and solutions are to be found. The works to improve the situation is on the way, such has covering the damaged reactors.

International survey leaded by IAEA has been conducted . The Japanese authorithies have published recently a report giving some answers to the questions raised

Everywhere in the world, the autorithies and operators are conducting reviews and so called “stress test” in order to decide what is to be done for improving the safety on a case by case basis.

It will take time to draw all lessons from that major accident.
Win Europe is preparing a comprehensive dossier.

Meanwhile we have prepared some information to help you to keep informed on the evolution of the situation.

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The EU commission launches a contest for women innovators

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The European Commission is launching a new contest to reward women innovators who have achieved outstanding innovations and brought them to market.

The EU Prizes for Women Innovators aim to raise public awareness on the needs for more innovation and more women entrepreneurs.

Three women, who were at some point during their careers beneficiaries of projects under the RTD Framework Programmes or the Competitive and Innovation Framework Programme, will be rewarded for their accomplishments. An independent panel of judges from business and academia will examine and select the winners. The first will get €100.000, second €50.000, third prize is €25.000.

The deadline for application is 20 September 2011.

The award ceremony will take place on 5 December 2011 at the Innovation Convention organised by the European Commission in Brussels.

You can find more information and participation forms at

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