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WiN IAEA newsletter special issue

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WiN IAEA organized with the suppot of IAEA the WiN Global Annual Conference in Vienna.

A special issue of the WiN IAEA newsletter has be published.

This issue brings together testimonies of participants of all ages and coming from all over the World. Special emphasis is put on the thinking of young women. This number gives an important place to the declaration on climate adopted at the general meeting.

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2015 Fem'Energia award

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Philippe SASSEIGNE (EDF/DPN) and Sophie LEMAIRE (Westinghouse) with the laureates

The 2015 fem'Energia award ceremony took place on the 15 of October :

  • the first prize : Mariana ASINARI (MOTT MC DONALD)
  • the second prize : Heather HALE (EDF Energy)
  • the third prize : Maria FLORESCU (RATEN CITON)

On this occasion, a round table was organized on « Nuclear for Climate ».

The participants were Cécile Laugier (Director of SEPTEN - EDF), Malgorzata Tkatchenko (CEA, Scientific Director), Valérie Faudon (Delegate General SFEN) and Dominique Mouillot (Président WiN France). They had the opportunity to emphazise the interest of women on the climate change and the fact that nuclear is part of the solution as stated in the declaration for climate signed by WiN Global members.

PIME 2016 award for communications excellence is opened

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PIME Award for Communications Excellence is opened.
Deadline for application: 20 November 2015.

Every year, during the PIME (Public Materials Information Exchange) conference, a flagship event organised by the European Nuclear Society (ENS), the PIME Award for Communications Excellence is presented to the creator of what is judged to be the most effective, results-oriented communications campaign launched recently in the nuclear sector.

A jury of nuclear communications professionals assesses all the entries and a shortlist of the best ones is drawn up. These shortlisted campaigns are then presented, showcased and “sold” to PIME delegates during the conference. The delegates, your fellow communications professionals, then cast their votes and the winner is determined. The award is presented at the end of the conference.

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Women in Nuclear Declaration for the Earth Climate

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Women in Nuclear Declaration for the Earth Climate

During the 2015 WiN Global General Assembly held at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna on 25th August 2015, almost 500 WiN members from 65 countries gathered. Scientists, engineers, and professionals representing national, regional, and international Chapters and individual members of WiN Global signed a declaration on climate change. They are all committed to the further development and peaceful use of nuclear science technologies, and acknowledge the crucial role of nuclear energy in preserving the earth for future generations.

This declaration is a contribution by professional women to the 'Nuclear for Climate' global initiative, launched in 2014 to raise awareness among decision-makers and the general public of the undeniable climate change benefits of nuclear energy. The initiative was initially launched through the French Nuclear Society, the European Nuclear Society and the American Nuclear Society.

WiN will bring this declaration to the attention of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Conference that will take place in Paris in December 2015.

Win Global 2015 annual conference

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In Vienna, this year the WiN Global Conference was a unique occasion for all the 500 attendees (Photo 1 and Photo 2 ) to meet and share experiences in a very friendly atmosphere.

WiN Global executive an board meetings were held. The WiN 2015 award and WiN Honoray award were presented respectively to Elena Buglova (IAEA, Incident and Emergency Center) and Irene Aegerter .

WiN Europe General Assembly took place on the 23th August. The attendees reaffirmed their commitment the WiN Europe Association.

The first executive Committee was held on the 25th August under the direction of Crisitina Bucur, the newly elected President.

WiN Europe new President

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WiN Europe new President

On the 23th August, Dominique Mouillot has resigned from the Presidency after five years, since the creation of WiN Europe.

The newly elected President is Cristina Bucur the President of WiN Romania.

French-Finnish debate about Women and Science

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NOVEMBER 30, 2015
at the Finnish Meteorological Institute
Erik Palménin aukio 1, Helsinki

French-Finnish debate about << Women and Science >>
Meet Finnish and French scientists to discuss about the place of women in science, with a specific introduction on climate change.

Multiple Director Positions are available at IAEA

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IAEA informs that Multiple Director Positions are available at IAEA.
Qualified Women are encouraged to Apply!

To kow more:

WiN Global 2015 Conference

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Registration is still possible !

Come and meet us !

Societies and climate change : challenges for education, action and governance

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Societies and climate change : challenges for education, action and governance

Summer school is organized by IHEST (Institut des Hautes Etudes pour la Science et la Technologie) from June 30th to July 3rd 2015.

The issue of climate change has evolved in recent years, from a subject of basic research handled by diverse scientific communities, to a hybrid and diffuse subject with multi-faceted stakes. The question now is how we grasp the issue, define its terms and decide how these challenges can be met with action. Climate change, which has led to the emergence of a new discipline, climatology, mobilizes a broad spectrum of disciplines ranging from biophysics to human and social sciences. It shakes the foundations of our economic and social models, and therefore society, and commands the attention of politicians.

The three and a half day seminar will examine this dual challenge of knowledge and action, in the lead-up to the United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP 21).

By comparing approaches and points of view, the speakers and participants at the European Summer School will be asked to shed light on the processes underway, to identify the normatives at work, be they scientific, political, economic or social, to discern the nature of the controversies specific to this major issue, and the nature of the choices confronting politicians, caught between short-term interests and long-term stakes. What does the climate change issue tell us about the dialogue between science and society ? These will be the guiding themes of the seminar.

The deadline for applying is 15 May.

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