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2013 Fem’Energia award

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From left to right: MJ Auguères (WiN France), IL Chitu, C Bucur, D. Zotica (WiN Romania)

The fifth fem’Energia award ceremony took place in Paris on 12th of december.

This year the award for a professional lady working in Europe was presented to Dorina Zotica from Romania. Dorina is working at Cernavoda. She is Perfomance Monitoring superintendent.

The nominee was also coming from Romania : Ioana Livia Public relation specialist workin in Nuclearelectrica SA.

Both are members of WiN Romania.

WiN Global 2013 annual conference

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The 21th WiN annual conference took place in Johannesburg.

182 WiNners were registered coming from 32 countries. One third was coming from outside South Africa.
This was the occasion for a better knowledge of nuclear activities of South Africa in the nuclear field. Two technical visits were proposed:

  • a tour to NECSA facilities
  • an other one Koeberg nuclear power plant.

One of the highlight of the conference was the two roundtables:

  • Nuclear Public Acceptance moderated by Dominique Mouillot, WiN Europe president
  • Nuclear Policy Post Fukushima moderated by Gaby Voigt, WiN Europe vice-president


WiN Global 2013 official group photo

WiN Europe workshop at PIME conference 16-19 February in Ljubjana

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Please notice that on the 17th of February, WiN Europe will organize a workshop on safety issues (from 1:30 pm up to 4:00 pm). Further details will be published soon.


2013 PIME WiN Europe Worshop

WiN HISTORY BOOK: 20 years of WiN

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altThe WiN History Book, ‘20 Years of WiN,’ has been presented on 6th October at Johannesburg during the opening session of the WiN Annual Conference.
This book commemorates the 20th Anniversary of WiN Global, established by the end 1992.
The book contains the History of WiN, WiN activities, WiN Presidents’ messages, descriptions of the WiN Chapters and of the past WiN Annual conference, etc.
The WiN Editorial Committee included: Irene Aegerter, Se-Moon Park, Anne-Marie Birac, Gabrielle Flannery, and Gabriele Voigt.

Have a look to:

Women in all things nuclear

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On 17 September 2013 from 08:15 -09:30 a side event was held at the 57th IAEA’s General Conference on ‘Women in all Things Nuclear’. More than 60 people attended, including many members of the WiN IAEA chapter. The event was an interactive round table discussion on the roles and opportunities for women in nuclear.


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WiN Europe stand at the IAEA’s General Conference

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WiN Europe registered with the IAEA as an NGO in 2011, thereby enabling it to have a stand at the 57th IAEA General Conference that was held in Vienna from 16 to 20 September 2013. This was the occasion for Annick Carnino, representing WiN Europe and WiN IAEA members to answer question and provide information on the WiN networking opportunities at national, European and global levels.


To know more:

WiN Global new website

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Win Global has been created in 1992.

It gathers thousands of WiNners from more than one hundred countries.
WiN Global website has been entirely redesigned recently.

It's now online!

It´s now online:

WiN meets CERN

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On 21 June 2013, 12 members of WiN IAEA, WiN France and WiN Switzerland paid a visit to CERN near Geneva, Switzerland. The visit was initiated by WiN IAEA and hosted by CERN’s Diversity Programme.


CERN is home to the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, the 27-km Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The LHC produces head-on collisions between two beams of highly accelerated protons, which allow scientists to explore new territory in matter, energy, space, and time, for example the detection of the HIGGS boson. Four huge detectors – ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb – observe the collisions. Due to the current shut-down of the LHC, WiN members were able to visit one of these detectors, ATLAS, 92 m below ground level. With a diameter of 25 m, a length of 46 m and a weight of 7000 tons, ATLAS records 3200 terabytes of data per year, which is equivalent to about 3 billion books. 3000 scientists from 38 countries and 174 universities and labs work for the ATLAS experiment (for more information, visit and

After the tour WiNners exchanged views and experiences with female scientific and managerial staff of CERN. The visit has created new relationships across borders and opportunities for future interactions, thus strengthening the network between WiN chapters and beyond.

International Nuclear Energy Symposium (SIEN 2013)

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The Romanian Nuclear Energy Association (AREN) would like to inform the potential participants to the International Nuclear Energy Symposium (SIEN 2013) that the deadline for abstract submission has been extended till August 1st 2013.

SIEN is the traditional conference organized by AREN, with the support of traditional partners such as the Romanian Atomic Forum and the Romanian National Representative of the World Nuclear Council (WEC) . The theme of the conference is "Nuclear power - Milestones on the Path to Sustainability" which aims at debating the future of nuclear power in Europe taking into account recent events in Europe and elsewhere. The program of the conference will include technical sessions and interactive workshops, among which one organized by the Young Generation Network and one organized by Women in Nuclear. The conference will end with two technical tours which will give the participants the opportunity to chose between Cernavoda NPP and Pitesti Nuclear Fuel Plant and research facility.

For more information and registration, please visit

WNA Symposium 2013 - Registration is opened!

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WNA Annual Symposium 2013: Register Now
Dear Colleagues,

Registration is open for the 2013 Symposium. Top reasons to attend the conference include:
  • Meet industry representatives from over 20 countries at the world’s premier nuclear conference and exhibition
  • Hear from expert speakers as they discuss the big issues facing the industry today - fuel market, supply chain, public acceptance and energy policy
  • Join the discussion with a panel of CEOs as they present their views on what the future holds
  • Celebrate the World Nuclear University as it turns ten, and meet the next generation of industry leaders
  • Discover a new side to London as you enjoy the famous networking events
  • Members can pick up their free copy of the latest edition of the Global Nuclear Fuel Market Report (limited to one free copy only per WNA member company)


Kirill Komarov
Deputy Director General,
Luc Oursel
Caroline Reda
President and CEO,
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy

Register Now

Kind regards,
Julia Deere
Events Manager
e: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
t: +44 (0) 20 7451 1521

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