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Activities of WiN Slovenia

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Win Slovenia which is called Alfa Section was in 2011 quite active. In order to promote nuclear technologies among general and some specific publics several round tables were organised.

In May 2011 the discussion on the draft EU Directive on Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management was organized with members of Slovene Nuclear Society and EU parliament member Mrs. Romana Jordan. More than 50 people were obtaining the information about the directive and were also proposing some recommendation to Mrs. Jordan for amendments. 

For general public presentation and discussion on Fukushima accident was organized in community where ARAO is operating storage facility. Two topics were covered by experts: the technical part and development of accident and radiological consequences for environment and public. People were extremely interested especially in environmental influence of accident to public and received a lot explanation and answers.

Many presentations were delivered at schools, for different associations and residents groups in order to explain different topics of nuclear technology and radioactive waste management.

To obtain correct information on the on the position of women in nuclear an analysis was prepared within institutions in Slovenia which are functioning in the field including nuclear industry, regulators, research institute and public services. The results show that the situation is worse than years ago. Taking into account eight organisations in nuclear filed in Slovenia, percentage of women employed is 40% or less, with one exception: Agency for radioactive waste management (RWM) with 55% of women. No institution is managed by a female director, only few women are on leading positions.

But there are also some good news for women in nuclear: we succeeded to have our members in management and supervision board of Slovene Nuclear Society, our members became part of Program committee for our international conference and also because of that we succeed to have 4 chairpersons of different sections and to have 5 oral presentations at Ljubljana 2012, which will be held in September 2012.A poster about Win EU will enable to us to spread the information on our activities.

WiN Europe at EAES global annual meeting

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Anne-Marie Birac was invited to present WiN Europe at the annual meeting of European Atomic Energy Society (EAES) in Bad Zurzach, Swizerland June, 2nd to 6th 2012. This meeting was organized by PSI (Paul Sherrer Institute)

This gave her the occasion to present WiN Europe activities and the benefit the audience may draw from a partnership with WiN Europe.

The European Atomic Energy Society (EAES) is a scientific association, whose main aim is to create professional and personal links between all the chairpersons of European research and development organizations recognised as major for nuclear energy by their Governments.

Anne-Marie was the representative of France in the EAES working group from September 2006 up to November 2010.

Dr. Helena Loner New President of WiN Switzerland

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Irene Aegerter, the founding President of WiN global gave up the Presidency of WiN Switzerland at the General Assembly on March 28, 2012 and handed over to Helena Loner, PhD in Chemistry with a Thesis about influences of water impurities on the activity transport in the water cycle of a boiling water reactor. She was a member of the WiN Switzerland Board since 2006. Helena is working as section leader for quality assurance in the surveillance department at the NPP Leibstadt, the biggest (1245MW) and youngest (1984) of the Swiss NPPs.

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WiN Europe publishes its 1st Newsletter!

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altWiN Europe is very proud to present you with the first Edition of its Newsletter.

It will be published at least once every two months or at the discretion of the news. 

We encourage you to forward and promote this newsletter to your colleagues or friends. 

You can contribute by sending your articles (Announcement, Report of Conference, Articles from local Chapters...) to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

Let's build up our network and open up!

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Only few days left to apply for the Fem’Energia award!

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Develop your nuclear career

If you are a young woman attending a French high-school or university, or a woman working in the nuclear sector in the European Union and Switzerland, apply for the Fem'energia Awards 2012.

Through the Fem'Energia Awards, WiN Europe, WiN France and EDF aim to provide encouragement and guidance to young women involved in the nuclear industry.


REMINDER! Win Global Congress in Kalmar, Sweden, May 28 - June 1, 2012

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The Planning Committee of the WiN Global Congress 2012 would like to remind WiN Global members to apply to attend the Congress and to submit proposals for papers or posters.
Please go to for further information and registration details.

Important deadlines:
All proposals for papers or posters to be received by April 1.
Conference registration closes on April 20.


WiN Europe at PIME 2012

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PIME is the most popular international conference on communication in the nuclear community.

It is organized by ENS.
This year it took place in Warsaw.
WiN Europe was highly involved in this event.


Ljubljana 2012 - Nuclear Energy for New Europe

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Nadja Zeleznik from WiN Slovenia informs us of the launching of the first call for papers for the international conference Ljubljana 2012 - Nuclear Energy for New Europe which will be held from 5-7 September 2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

To know more about this conference:

WiNFO Contribution by WiN Indonesia and WiN IAEA

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In September 2011, the President of WiN Indonesia, Ms Tri Murni Soedyartomo, sent a letter to the IAEA’s DG, Mr Yukiya Amano, inviting WiN IAEA members Gabi Voigt and Eva Gyane to participate as lecturers in the conference entitled “Improving the quality of human resources in nuclear sciences” in the cities of Jakarta and Yogyakarta, Indonesia, from 16 to 20 January 2012.

Indonesia is one of several Asian countries considering the introduction of nuclear energy. The objectives of the conference were to demonstrate the benefits of the peaceful uses of nuclear technologies, to present safeguards aspects related to nuclear energy programmes and to further develop the competence of WiN Indonesia.

Mr Amano acknowledged WiN Indonesia’s initiative as a very important and timely awareness raising campaign and approved Gabi’s and Eva’s participation in the conference ...

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WiN Global 2012: One line registration is opened

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altAfter Varna last year, WiN Global Congress will take place in Kalmar, Sweden from 28 May to 1 June 2012 on the following theme:

Safety in the Nuclear Life Cycle : from Design to Disposal

Online registration and a Call for Papers opens on January 16th on the WiN Sweden website:


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