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1 Sign the open letter to Erik Solheim at UNEP
2 WiN Global met in Berlin at the Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology (AMNT) 2017
3 About the Energy Days
4 Fem'energia 2017
5 WiNFO March 2017
6 WiN France news
7 WiN Europe would like to draw your attention on this study published by EPWS (European Platform of Women Scientists)
8 PIME 2017 Award for Communications Excellence - deadline approaching
9 Happy New Year 2017
10 WiN Europe executive Board meeting
11 IAEA Update on Employment Opportunities and Webinar of the Month - December 2016
12 WiNFO Call for Articles
13 Nuclear4Climate News: COP22 and Paris Agreement entry into force
14 IFIN-HH Shares You the Experiences in Nuclear Decommissioning Waste Management
15 PIME 2017 Award for Communications Excellence
16 WiN Newsletter Issue 17 July 2016
17 WiN Europe is with France
18 ENC 2016
19 WiN Global is calling for 2016 WiN Award and Honorary Award nominations until 15th June
20 WNE awards
21 The call for candidates for the 2016 Fem'Energia award is now opened
22 WiN IAEA newsletter
23 WiN-Bulgaria collected 617 signatures under the declaration for the Earth climate...
24 WiN IAEA newsletter special issue
25 2015 Fem'Energia award
26 PIME 2016 award for communications excellence is opened
27 Win Global 2015 annual conference
28 Women in Nuclear Declaration for the Earth Climate
29 WiN Europe new President
30 French-Finnish debate about Women and Science
31 Multiple Director Positions are available at IAEA
32 WiN Global 2015 Conference
33 Societies and climate change : challenges for education, action and governance
34 Fem'Energia 2015 award
35 2015 European Nuclear Young Generation Forum
36 WiN Global 2015 Conference
37 Woman: Challenges, Roles and Contributions in the field of Nuclear Energy. WiN Romania 10th of March
38 2015 WiN Global Conference
39 New at the IAEA
41 10th School Competition “40 years Kozloduy NPP – Clean energy” organized by WiN – BULGARIA, Kozloduy
42 WiN Global Annual Conference :"Women in Nuclear Meets Atoms for Peace"
43 2014 WiN France Award
44 IAEA sponsored participants of the 2014 WiN Global Conference
45 WiN Global 2014 Sydney
46 WiN Europe General Assembly 2014 in International Atomic Energy Agency
47 WiN Europe at the 58th IAEA General Conference
48 WiN IAEA will host the 23rd WiN Global Conference from 24th to 28th of August 2015
51 The application to the 2015 PIME award is opened
52 Fem'Energia award
53 Fem'Energia Award 2014 dead line: 30 June
54 Fem'Energia 2014 Award contest is opened
55 22nd WiN Global Annual Conference (WiN 2014)
56 Safety and Security Workshop
57 WiN Europe and WiN Global board meetings in Ljubljana
58 A new WiN Chapter in Europe: WiN UK
59 WiN IAEA last newsletter is published
60 2014 season greetings
61 WiN France celebrated its 20th anniversary
62 2013 Fem’Energia award
63 WiN Global 2013 annual conference
64 WiN Europe workshop at PIME conference 16-19 February in Ljubjana
65 WiN HISTORY BOOK: 20 years of WiN
66 Women in all things nuclear
67 WiN Europe stand at the IAEA’s General Conference
68 WiN Global new website
69 WiN meets CERN
70 International Nuclear Energy Symposium (SIEN 2013)
71 WNA Symposium 2013 - Registration is opened!
72 The last few days to candidate to Fem'energia award!
73 21st WiN-Global Annual Conference
74 World Nuclear Association 37th Annual Symposium
75 News from Women in Nuclear - IAEA Chapter
76 News from Romania: seminar dedicated to Medical applications
77 WiN Europe at ENC Manchester
78 Holidays Greetings
79 Jutta Jené elected as new President of WiN Germany
80 Sara Tania Mongelli received the 2012 Fem’Energia Award
81 4th FEM’ENERGIA AWARD: Women of Talent in Nuclear - 2012
82 WiN France General Assembly - 2012
83 WiN Azerbaijan cooperation with WiN Europe
84 Save the date and register ! ENC and ENC Career Event!
85 WiN presents at IYNC!
86 Win Europe participate to the 20th WiN Global Annual Congress
87 WiN IAEA sponsor new WiNners!
88 Fem’Energia Award: And the nominees are...
89 WiN Germany join the German Nuclear Society Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology in Stuttgart
90 WiN Bulgaria and the World Water Day 2012
91 WiN Bulgaria with a new Management Board
92 The best students of Bulgaria believe in the future of nuclear energy
93 WiN Bulgaria: conference
94 Activities of WiN Slovenia
95 WiN Europe at EAES global annual meeting
96 Dr. Helena Loner New President of WiN Switzerland
97 WiN Europe publishes its 1st Newsletter!
98 Only few days left to apply for the Fem’Energia award!
99 REMINDER! Win Global Congress in Kalmar, Sweden, May 28 - June 1, 2012
100 WiN Europe at PIME 2012
101 Ljubljana 2012 - Nuclear Energy for New Europe
102 WiNFO Contribution by WiN Indonesia and WiN IAEA
103 WiN Global 2012: One line registration is opened
104 Holidays Greetings From Win Europe President
105 WiN Spain Conference in Jarandilla de la Vera
106 "Women & science" l'Oréal grant
107 WiN Europe Annual General Meeting
108 WiN Europe signs a cooperation agreement with ENELA
109 WNA Symposium in London
110 WiN Europe at the IAEA
111 Fem’Energia Award 2011
112 WiN France 2011 General Assembly
113 WiN Europe partners with Careers International on the recruitment event: Energy Excellence
114 WiN Europe workshop at the World Engineers’ Convention
115 WiN Global makes presentations at the World Nuclear University Summer Institute
116 WiN Sweden and Germany Seminar in Malmö and Barsebäck NPP
119 The EU commission launches a contest for women innovators
120 Welcome to WiN Europe website!
121 European Conference in Brussels
122 NESTet report
123 Situation in Japan
124 Announcement
125 Executive and Board meeting
126 WiN Europe official launch
127 WiN Europe was founded
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